Selling your home is a huge undertaking. It makes sense then that if you’re going to do it, you want to do it right. And since there will be competition, you will need to pull out all the stops. If you need some help, we’ve listed a few marketing tips for you to consider when selling your home. These ideas may be useful in helping you reach a wider audience and hopefully ensure your home sells quickly and for a great price.

Photograph the Front

This may seem like a no-brainer but is a very important step you don’t want to mess up.

Most homebuyers begin their home search online, so a good photo is essential. A listing with a subpar photo (or a listing without a photo at all) will likely be skipped over by buyers. Don’t settle for an unflattering picture of your home either. Remove vehicles from your driveway and front of your home. Remove any vegetation blocking the front door or the pathway to it. Shoot in good lighting. High quality listing pictures will set you apart and make homebuyers gravitate towards your listing.

Home Video Tour

Pictures of the interior of your home are nice. But a home video tour? That’s even better.

People love videos. And for good reason. They can give a much better feel for what the home is like even before a buyer walks through the door. They also go into more depth than pictures alone can provide. With more and more people choosing to shoot video tours, it’s becoming necessary to include video in marketing your house for sale.

Drone Footage

Another very popular way to market your home: drone photography and videography.

This is one of the biggest marketing rages at the moment. With a drone, you can get a nice aerial view of a property. This gives homebuyers a good perspective of the surrounding property and is useful if there are amazing views around your house. Combining drone footage with a home video tour will create a high performing Luxury Video that will set your listing apart from the rest of the competition.

Add Signage

While a big “For Sale” sign might not look the prettiest on your front lawn, it can encourage buyers to reach out. It’s free advertising, after all! A well-designed sign will generate phone calls inquiring about your house. If your house is one a corner lot, put up two signs to catch everyone’s eye who drives by.

Print Advertising

With everything online, it can be easy to overlook print marketing materials. Don’t discount it just because the internet is easier. Print advertising can be a very handy tool for selling your home.

For many, there is a certain appeal to physically holding things in your hand. Making high quality, full-color marketing materials is smart marketing. A glossy, beautiful flyer is ideal for reaching your audience that may not be so internet savvy.

This is also great because, after a while, the houses a buyer looks at start to blend together in their mind. The print advertisement will set your home apart and keep it distinct in their mind.

Making Your Home Selling Easy

These marketing tips will absolutely set your home listing apart from the rest. If you’re worried about how you’ll get this all done yourself, don’t panic. Exclusive Edge Media is happy to assist you. From professional real estate photos to drone footage to marketing materials, we can take care of everything for you. We offer à la carte options if you only want to use one or two of these marketing tips, as well as bundles if you want to try every idea.

We service those in Montrose, Telluride, Ridgway, Ouray, Crested Butte, Arrowhead, Cimarron, Gunnison, Dolores, Grand Junction, and Durango, as well as anywhere else in Colorado. Exclusive Edge Media is happy to travel to you no matter where you are.

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