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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have a lot of questions before you decide to hire us, or even during the process. We want this to go as smooth as possible for you and your seller. We know as a real estate agent, you work around the clock and are juggling many projects at once. Below we list out all of our most commonly asked questions. Not seeing an answer to your questions? No problem – just contact us here.

What is your turnaround time?2020-06-05T15:36:35-06:00

We have a 24-72 business hour turnaround time. This means if your photo shoot was on Friday, your photos will be delivered as early as Monday and as late as 11:59pm on Wednesday, with the exception of holidays. We charge a rush fee of $100 if you would like your product back same-day or guaranteed 24 business hours. Ask us what our current turnaround time is. (Not all orders qualify for the rush fee. Call Exclusive Edge Media to see if your order qualifies)

How Do You Accept Payment?2020-06-05T15:36:08-06:00

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, check, and exact cash.

When do you require payment?2020-06-05T15:37:08-06:00

Exclusive Edge Media requires payment upfront before we will release any media. We will email you an invoice shortly after your order is placed. The most efficient and quickest way to pay is online directly from the invoice.

Can I choose my photographer?2020-06-05T15:37:34-06:00

Yes! We understand our clients find that real estate photographer that they build a relationship with, they know how you tick, and you trust their work. While all of our team goes through extensive training before they are allowed to work on the field by themselves, we understand you “want who you want”. When you use our online booking system, it will give you the option to choose a photographer or you can request them if you are booking over the phone.

Can the homeowner remain in the house during the appointment?2020-06-05T15:38:16-06:00

While homeowners have the best intentions during the photoshoots, it really does take longer when people choose to remain in the house. Our policy states homeowners are not to remain on site during real estate photoshoots or home video tours, however, we understand it’s important to some clients to remain on site. In these cases, we will allow it and a charge of $100 will be applied.

Are animals allowed during my appointment?2020-06-05T15:38:47-06:00

During the photography/videography session, animals are not permitted to be present. Exceptions will be made for more permanently-housed animals such as birds in a cage or reptiles in a tank. We do not make exceptions for dogs. Please kennel or crate dogs and cats prior to our arrival.

What happens if the home isn’t ready upon arrival?2020-06-05T15:39:12-06:00

We recommend the Real Estate Agent shows up to the home hours before our arrival to make sure the home is prepped and ready for our photographer. If the home is not ready for us, you can reschedule or cancel the photo shoot with no fees as long as it’s not within 2 hours of the appointment. If it is within 2 hours of the appointment, we will charge a $50 rescheduling fee.

Can you edit out items from photos or videos?2020-06-05T15:39:34-06:00

We will not edit out items from photos. Any items you don’t want in the shots, please remove prior to our photographer’s arrival. Our photographers shoot homes as-is.

Can I request specific shots?2020-06-05T15:40:58-06:00

Our photographers use their discretion to get the best photos. If there are specific angles or shots you want, you will need to meet the photographer on-site and show them exactly what you are wanting. Please note we are on site the scheduled amount of time only, so this could result in a shorter amount of time we have to take the actual photos.

How long are the home video tours?2020-06-05T15:42:54-06:00

Depending on the property, we usually edits our Home Video Tours to be between 2-4 minutes long. Any longer than that is not recommended. You are welcome to request otherwise before the scheduled shoot.

If I don’t like the photos, can I get a refund?2020-06-05T15:45:10-06:00

All Photographers at Exclusive Edge Media utilize similar gear and they all go through extensive training on-site and on following our editing style. Visit our service pages to view examples of our work and to see what product you can expect to receive when you hire our team. Our style is not for everyone, but our website explains in detail what lenses we use, what style we utilize, and how our final product looks. That being said, our style of photography is clearly shown what you can expect. If you don’t like the photos, we do not issue refunds as you are paying for our time invested, not necessarily the product.

Can I request edits to the finished videos?2020-06-05T15:46:39-06:00

All Home Video Tour Orders include one (1) free edit. Any additional edits after your first free edit are $75/hour with a 1-hour minimum. Our Photography Packages do not include any edits. Depending on what all is involved, we could possibly meet your edit request at $75/hour with a 1-hour minimum.

I didn’t get specific images. Will you come back out to shoot them?2020-06-05T15:48:53-06:00

We can come back out to a shoot if there are certain shots you want but did not receive for an additional $100 setup fee + $10 an image. Example, if you want 3 more images, the charge will be $130, not including the mileage fee if you reside outside of Montrose, Colorado.

How long does it take to get permitting for a drone shoot?2020-06-05T15:52:42-06:00

Depending where the property is located, permitting could take additional time for approval. In the event the property is in a zone where permitting is required, Exclusive Edge Media will contact you to reschedule the shoot if we require more time.

Will you still fly if the weather is bad?2020-06-05T15:54:42-06:00

Our Drone Pilots cannot fly in certain weather conditions (rain, lightening storms, snow storms, etc). We will reschedule to a better day if this happens. We are not responsible if important views (such as mountain views) are obstructed by clouds or hazy/smoky days. It will be the client’s responsibility to make sure the views they want captured are visible; If they are not, our Drone Pilot will resume scheduled appointment as normal.

Do I have to meet the Drone Pilot on site?2020-06-05T15:56:13-06:00

Our Drone Pilot will arrive at the time scheduled. Charges will begin at that time. The Agent or Homeowner does not have to meet the drone pilot on site if there are no special requests on what footage to grab.

How much drone footage do you grab?2020-06-05T15:58:04-06:00

We grab as many photos and video footage as we can within the scheduled time. Standard Flights can usually receive up to 10 Photos (give or take) and video footage in a professionally edited branded and non-branded video, but can be offered in alternative forms during the hour (only photos or only video) upon request prior to the date of the shoot. The drone pilot uses his discretion to determine which shots to grab. You may request certain shots prior to shoot or meet our drone pilot on site.

If I purchased a home video tour with drone video, can you combine them together?2020-06-05T15:59:10-06:00

If a Home Video Tour was purchased with our drone services, we will automatically combine drone and home video tour footage into one video.

Are your drone pilots certified?2020-06-05T16:00:31-06:00

All our Drone Pilots hold a current Part 107 Certificate from the FAA as required to perform commercial flights, as well as obtaining all required permitting for each flight.

Are you insured?2020-06-05T16:01:19-06:00

Yes! We have a $1,000,000 liability policy.