A picture is worth a thousand words, but hiring a professional real estate photographer for your listing can be worth thousands of dollars.

More Than a Professional Photographer

Western Slope couple viewing a house that they saw online

Getting your clients to “see” themselves in a home online is the trick to getting them through the door.

When potential buyers are house-hunting, they click immediately on the photos. If they are interested in the house, then they will read the summary. Why? Research shows that the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than reading text. In fact, 95.1% of buyers first look at the pictures before anything else on the listing. Moreover, the potential buyer wants to be able to “see” themselves in the home. Buying a home is a serious investment, and the listing photographs are essential to getting your clients through the threshold.

The professional photographers of Exclusive Edge Media are aware of the emotional aspect home buying. That is why our professional team will take a quick tour of the house, so they can familiarize themselves with the layout. In a way, this is like seeing the home through the lens of the buyers. Furthermore, our professional photographers will highlight your listing’s uniqueness in order to connect with the uniqueness of your buyers.

Get the Picture

a picture is a thousands words but hiring a professional real estate photographer can be worth thousands of dollars

Listings that utilize a professional real estate photographer sell faster and for more money.

Hiring a professional real estate photographer provides you with a competitive edge in a very delicate market. Without a doubt, your homebuyers will be able to spot the difference between an amateur and a professional photographer immediately. Even your clients get the picture!

It’s no secret that the economy impacts real estate. Whether you are providing listings in a strong–or even a delicate–market, hiring a professional photographer will always give you the advantage in an aggressive market. Actually, many studies reveal that listings with professional photographs sell faster than listings with nonprofessional pictures. Exclusive Edge Media will always go the extra mile for our clients. Will you do the same for yours?

Dwellings of Design

Kitchen - Real Estate Photography in Montrose CO

Exclusive Edge Media’s “flambient” technique provides images of the highest quality.

Our professional photographers at Exclusive Edge Media will view your listing through a lens of design, and compose the home as if it were a work of art. We understand the value of composition; we believe the elements of design are crucial to developing quality home images.

In addition to creating a beautiful composition for each room, we understand the nuances of lighting that will add emphasis to your listing. For example, each photo is captured using the “flambient” technique. This is where our professionals use multiple exposure techniques that combine Flash Layers and Ambient Layers. As a result, you will have a high quality professional portfolio that shows your target audience that you mean business.

Affordable Apertures

Exclusive Edge Media’s photoshoot packages are priced affordably. While we offer a variety of packages, we are happy to provide you with a custom photoshoot. The Western Slope of Colorado is where we call home, but we will send our photography team anywhere that requires a high quality portfolio. You could say that our ‘depth of field’ is wide, and we will stay sharp wherever you are located.

It’s time to put your listings into focus. You can book our services today with our easy, online scheduling system.

A picture can tell a story better than words. Let our professional real estate photographers “show” your listing’s story today!