It may seem like a good time and money saver to take real estate photos yourself. But whether it’s a phone or DSLR camera, you should steer clear of this and leave it to real estate photographers to handle. Here are a few reasons why this job is best left to the professionals.

A clean, staged kitchen, something you should do when you want to take real estate photos.

Home buyers spend a lot of time looking at listing photos, so make them count. 

Every Photo Matters

When it comes to photos of your listing online, first impressions matter. According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of home buyers use the internet to search for a home. This is great news, but it’s also important to note that the average buyer will spend 60% of their time looking at the property photos. They usually only spend about 20% of their time looking at the listing description.

With home buyers spending so much of their time looking at photos, you want to make them count. Photos that you take yourself with a DSLR, or even worse, your phone camera, aren’t ideal. Making a nice first, and lasting, impression with professional photography is sometimes the only opportunity you get to convince home buyers to fall in love with your listing.

Good Photos are Hard to Achieve

It may seem like a piece of cake, but photography that “wows” isn’t as simple as making sure there’s good lighting and snapping the photo.

Photographs should tell a story, and this includes real estate photos. You want to sell the idea that this is the buyer’s home. So communicating mood, highlighting specific features, and targeting audiences through psychological appeal is important. Don’t forget, every room counts, and items in the room lend themselves to the story being told. Removing clutter, positioning the furniture right, and hiding personal items will ensure the buyer can envision themselves in the narrative the photos tell. Sounds challenging for a real estate agent with a lot on her plate, no?

If you still aren’t convinced and want to embark on doing photos yourself, know it’s no cheap route. Buying an upgraded DSLR, photo editing software, and file-sharing services are expensive items you’ll need if you want to do this on your own. And learning how to use the editing software will take some time out of your busy schedule that you may not have.

A living room with brown wood flooring, leather couches, and dining table set.

Homes with high quality, professional photos sell 32% faster. 

Professional Photos Make a Big Difference

It might seem that if you take real estate photos yourself, it will be a quick time saver. It could, but keep in mind it will have an impact on your listing’s selling price and listing duration.

According to a study done by VHT Studios, homes with high-quality, professional photography sell 32 percent faster. And in a study conducted by Redfin, home in the $200,000 to $1 million range with professional photography in their listings sell for $3,000 – $11,000 more. With statistics like that, it becomes apparent why you shouldn’t take real estate photos yourself.

Choose Exclusive Edge Media

Next time you think about snapping photos of your listing, we hope you think back to these reasons why you shouldn’t take real estate photos yourself. Give your listing the best chance to sell by choosing Exclusive Edge Media to photograph it for you. We’d love to help make your listing stand out and sell faster! We service those in Montrose, Telluride, Ridgway, Ouray, Crested Butte, Arrowhead, Cimarron, Gunnison, Dolores, Grand Junction, and Durango, as well as anywhere else in Colorado.

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