If you’re selling your house, you’re probably going to need Real Estate photos of it. First impressions make all the difference, so the photos of your house should really wow potential buyers. However, there’s only so much a pro photographer can do to make your home look great if you haven’t put some work into staging your home. It might seem like a big project, but with our staging tips, we’ll help guide you so every space of your house is ready for its close-up.


Clean from top to bottom

First thing’s first: Clean. Everything. This might seem like a no-brainer but it really needs to be scrubbed top to bottom.

Don’t neglect the cobwebs on your ceiling fans or scuff marks on your baseboards. Some people are eagle-eyed, and you don’t want to deter a buyer because they noticed a dust bunny hiding under the couch in a photo.

Also, declutter every surface in every room. Remove toiletries in the bathroom, photos of you and your family in the living room, and even the knife block on the kitchen counter. Minimalism is very big right now, so hiding your things will help to play up that trend. And don’t assume you can just tuck away things when the photographer arrives. It’ll take longer to put everything away than you think.


Bed with wrinkle free sheets, two photos above the headboard and a side table with a plant.

Wrinkle-free sheets will photograph beautifully.

Wrinkles no more

Wrinkly sheets and blankets are just a part of life. The camera, however, does not like wrinkles and it will make them look 10 times worse than they actually are.

This will sound silly but trust us, use a steamer. The hot steam will make the wrinkles vanish into thin air and make everything look picture perfect. Use this on pillows, sheets, blankets, and shower curtains so everything is smooth for the photoshoot.


Lights, camera, action

One of the more important staging tips is to be mindful of your light. Lighting can make a big difference in how your photos turn out, for better or worse.

Natural lighting might seem like the way to go, but it can be difficult to work with that alone. Turning on the interior lights and lamps all over your house can help to even out the lighting in the space no matter what the natural light is doing.


Gazing out the window

You might have totally forgotten about the green tarp that’s hanging outside your bathroom window, but those looking at your Real Estate photos later will be sure to notice.

When you stage your home, your home’s interior will be on display in the photos, but so will the outside of your windows. If you’ve got piles of trash or a cluttered patio, they’re going to come through in the photos. Clean up the areas outside the windows so they don’t draw attention.


A living room with two wood coffee tables, two plants on either side of the couch, and two wall hanging photos, all in similar tones of gray.

The use of wood in this living room is a wonderful example of repetition.

Repetition, rhythm, and symmetry

Good design is important for lots of things, real estate photos included.

Repetition, rhythm, and symmetry are found throughout nature and so humans naturally find them aesthetically pleasing. To make your space more pleasing to the eye, use these simple principles. This can be achieved through your furniture, or in the details like repeating materials or patterns in your space.


Exclusive Edge Media

We hope these few staging tips have helped you get your home picture perfect. Keep in mind though, if you want great photographs, hire great photographers. We deliver special “flambient” composite images that are extremely high quality and will make your Real Estate listing stand out from the crowd.

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