Quality photographs are the hallmark of a good realtor. In property listings, the photography dominates, so you really want those photos to have that “wow” factor. So how does one know what to look for when hiring a good real estate photographer? Here’s a list of things you need to be assessing before hiring.

Real Estate Photography of a custom home build in Ouray, CO

An example of being able to see out of the windows in a real estate photo, taken by Exclusive Edge Media. 

The Quality of Their Work

When it comes to choosing your real estate photographer, quality matters. Especially since you’ll be using those photographs to sell your listing. Professional real estate photographers may use a variety of techniques, but there are certain standards you should look for in quality work.

You should see if all the lines (like walls, kitchen cabinets, doors, etc.) are all straight in a photograph. A hallmark of a professional real estate photographer is that all those lines remain straight in their photos. You should also lookout for the lighting in their photos. You want good, bright lighting, and if there are any windows, you’ll want to see out of them. Make sure they have a portfolio for you to look through so you can check their work.

How Much They Charge

Just like many things, cheap isn’t always best. A real estate photographer near the bottom of the price scale is there for a reason. This could be because they don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t understand the business, or they’re new and still experimenting.

While the latter isn’t the worst problem, the other are big red flags. You want to hire a photographer that is experienced, knows how to handle agents, homeowners, and tough photographic situations. Often times, that comes with a slightly bigger price tag, but you get what you pay for.

If They Understand the Real Estate Market

Understanding the ins-and-outs of real estate is critical for a real estate photographer. They must understand the real estate market in your area, what features of a home buyers appreciate most, and any real estate and style trends that are currently popular. This way, you’ll know they’ll be able to create photos that best capture those features in your listing.

Their Response & Turnaround Time

Whether you’re on the wire to get things through quickly or need a question answered, you want your real estate photographer to answer back promptly. If they aren’t good at getting back to you and make you wait days for a response, that will make your job a lot harder.

Being told a turnaround time for your photographs and being assured prompt responses is one way to know you’re dealing with a professional. Just remember, photographers are people too, and can’t always reply within five minutes. They have other clients and lives, so be mindful of their needs as well.

Drone Photography in Ridgway CO

For beautiful drone photos, make sure your photographer is licensed!

If They Have a Drone License

Often, real estate photographers have related services that you can utilize for your listings. If they’re able to get you drone footage, make sure they are registered with the FAA. It’s important to hire a drone pilot who can highlight your listing safely and legally. You don’t want to deal with any trouble if they don’t have their drone license.

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